Psychiatric medication
management and depression treatment in Diamond Bar, CA.

Are you currently suffering from trauma, emotional pain, unexpected change or loss?Do you suffer from depression, anxiety, attention deficit, insomnia or any uncomfortable emotions or behaviors? If so, it may be time to see a specialist who treats mental health. Every year, millions of people suffer from mental health issues that have significant impact on their personal and professional lives. Finding a psychiatrist that you feel comfortable with is a very important aspect of your care.

Enter Dr. Omar Farooqi M.D. is a board certified adult psychiatrist, who is passionate about helping patients deal with mental illnesss through an integrative approachof psychiatric medication management and psychotherapy.
This comprehensive program provides the best opportunity for improvement. Dr. Farooqi also does disability and work stress evaluations, Dr. Farooqi is ready to help you take the first steps towards a better you.

Our Services

Dr. Farooqi offers a wide range of services to address a number of medical needs. His specialties arepsychotherapy and psychiatric medicine.

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New Patients

Dr. Farooqi is excited to bring onboard new patients. He is committed and practices the utmost care and diligence in each patient session.

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